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Lacoste brand sunglasses

The Lacoste brand was founded by René Lacoste, a tennis talent. Because he has the tenacity of a crocodile, an American journalist gives him the nickname Crocodile. Designer Robert George draws the crocodile logo, which symbolizes the Lacoste brand.

Lacoste designed a light, adaptable and sought-after polo shirt, which became the basis of his company.

On the official website of Lacoste ( the mission is described as follows:

"It is our mission to make Lacoste a casual, premium brand that stands for (French) elegance. That requires a high level of quality and professionalism in the field of creation, style, manufacture and retail. LACOSTE products and employees make life a unique experience for its customers, regardless of the distribution network, physical or digital, anywhere in the world. "

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